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Upcoming: The Japanese Sword – Evangelion Special

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For those with an interest in either (or both) swordsmithing or  manga, the YouTube channel for The Japanese Sword, the video blog of Nihonto smith, sword polisher and entrepreneur Paul Martin is now showing a preview of their video on their Evangelion special.

This was a display entitled “Evangelion and Japanese Swords Exhibit” held at The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, starting last November.  Evangelion is an extremely popular anime series.  The purpose of this exhibit was to compare the weapons of the series to the work of known swordsmiths;  at least one smith actually recreated one of the more famous weapons from this series.  Apparently seveal or never-before-seen weapon designs inspired by Evangelion were also displayed.

This event  has apparently created a lot of discussion in Japanese sworthsmithing circles where it is being put forward as the future of smithing in Japan, which views both traditional nihonto and the weapons from the anime series as works of art.

There is some information that this exhibit will be touring through Europe and perhaps North America.


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