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Swords, Cutting and Military History

Free Chinese Sword classics via Brennan Translation

Free Chinese Sword classics via Brennan Translation

photo by Sedeer El-Showk

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Presented with thanks to Sifu Scott Rodell, via his Tumblr blog Steel and Cotton

Over the last few years, a wonderful resource for a number of Chinese martial arts works — otherwise unavailable to English audiences — has been created by Paul Brennan, who has personally translated and posted them on his blog:  Brennan Translation.



Taken from Brennan Translation of “Taiji Sword including Taiji Long Boxing (Chen Weiming)”, a sample of the Chinese calligraphy of the famous swordsman and teacher Li Jinglin, dated 1928, which translates as: “The shine of the sword reaches to the clouds.”


Works of interest to the practical cutting community include:




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