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Swords, Cutting and Military History

Visit the Samurai Sword of the WWII Japanese Pilot Who Bombed Oregon

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Dateline: Oregon, USA via Huffington Post

credit: Huffington Post

“The town of Brookings, Oregon has a very interesting artifact in their possession. A “priceless” 400-year old samurai sword. It’s not just any priceless, 400-year old samurai sword. But the sword of Japanese fighter pilot, Warrant Flying Officer Nobuo Fujita, who was responsible for dropping four incendiary bombs on Oregon in 1942.

Fujita didn’t just casually fly a plane over the logging town of Brookings. No, he was actually catapulted in a floatplane from an offshore long-range Japanese submarine aircraft carrier, with the mission to start crazy forest fires in the Pacific Northwest… …In 1962 he was invited to Brookings, Oregon and gave the City his family’s 400-year old samurai sword, as a token of friendship. Initially, Fujita was going to use the sword to commit seppuku if the town of Brookings didn’t forgive him, having felt incredible shame. The town however treated him with respect.”

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credit: Huffington Post

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