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Swords, Cutting and Military History

Japanese horseback archery hits Australian beach for world first

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Dateline Australia, via ABC Far North Queensland

“Think either horse riding or archery is hard? Imagine combining the two. For the first time outside of Japan, Yabusame horseback archery came to Port Douglas Carnivale.

Five Samurai from Japan, three Malaysian horseback archers and seven Australians competed in the Port Douglas Carnivale competition attracting thousands to the beach for a sight never seen in Australia.

…’It goes back a few hundred years, the warriors of the day, because of peace time, weren’t practicing their skills, so they decided to start running competitions to keep their warriors’ skills honed. It became quite a serious competition and should a warrior miss the target he used to take it so personally that he would actually commit harakiri at the end of the run. So it went from being this incredible warrior culture to the sport that it has become today,’ said Ms Kruse.”

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photo by ABC Local: Isaac Egan


photo by ABC Local: Isaac Egan


photo by ABC Local: Isaac Egan

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