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Swords, Cutting and Military History

Video workshops on the training and use of spear-like polearms

Video workshops on the training and use of spear-like polearms

credit: Wikipedia

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Harking back to my article on the development and use of a spear as a cutting as well as thrusting  weapon, here are videos of two training workshops (about 40 minutes each) on the use of spear-descended polearms:  the partisan (broad-headed spear) and spetum (winged spear).  These videos were shot at the XIII HEMAC Dijon, the yearly international gathering of Historical European Martial Arts Coalition members, held in last May (2014).

Before we move to the workshop videos, for readers who aren’t familiar with these weapons, here’s a short introduction this class of polearm…



The following graphic shows the evolution of a number of polearms from their spear or axe-like precursors through to the forms used in the late 19th century.


Evolution of spears to polearms


Now, on to the workshops!  The first workshop video shows basic fighting techniques used when fighting polearm vs polearm.  The audio of the first section — dealing with the spetum — is a little hard to hear, as the hall was quite noisy, but improves dramatically as the workshop moves to partisan vs. partisan combat.



The second workshop looks at longsword, longsword-and-shield, and two-handed longsword vs.  partisan combat.



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