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Swords, Cutting and Military History

News: Centuries-old sword found in home may solve 1829 murder mystery.

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via CTV Atlantic News (Video clip available on article page)

A Nova Scotia (Canada) couple is trying to determine whether an old sword found hidden in the walls of their home may have played a role in a nearly 200-year-old murder.

Fabian Gerrior says he was doing renovations on his Guysborough home last year when a worker called him up to the attic.

“I came upstairs and he passed me this, he passed me this sword is what he passed me. I said ‘wow!’”

“They did identify it by the crown here, being so close to the handle,” says Fabian. “The guy there said around 1780, is what he said it was.”…

Records show a cavalry officer by the name of Capt. Joseph Marshall moved to Guysborough as a loyalist after the American Revolution.

“If there’s anybody who would have been in possession of a cavalry sword, it certainly would have been him,” says Haynes.

In 1829, one of Marshall’s sons was charged in the unlawful death of Dr. Henry Inch. Charges were dismissed and the weapon, a sword, was never seen again…

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