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A comparison of sword oils for use with antique blades

A comparison of sword oils for use with antique blades
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A member of the Nihonto Message Board has conducted an interesting short-term test of various traditional Japanese and Western modern oils and steel protectants, focusing on their qualities (odor, colour and transparency), their effectiveness in protecting against rust, and availability / cost.  You can view his thread, with product reviews, here:

Odor and the colour / transparency of the oil in question were strong influences on the final outcome of the test, since nihonto (Japanese art blades) aren’t used for cutting, but instead appreciated as works of art in steel.  Smelly or discoloured / opaque anti-rust protectives would obviously ruin such an exercise.  Of course, how well they protect against rust was also a major concern.

10 different products were used in the test:

  1. Choji oil from a well-known nihonto dealer in Japan.
  2. 3-in-1 multi-purpose oil.
  3. Breakfree CLP.
  4. Hoppe’s elite gun oil.
  5. Rem Oil.
  6. Eezox.
  7. Breakfree Collector.
  8. Marine Tuf-glide.
  9. Singer All-purpose Machine Oil.
  10. M-pro 7 gun oil.



  1. Nice post.Thanks for sharing here.

  2. Any thoughts on the little bottles of oil that usually comes included when you buy a sowing machine?

    • That kind of oil dries to a sticky film, and can discolour a blade

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