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Swords, Cutting and Military History

Oldest crucible steel weapon in East Europe found by Russian archaeologists

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via Past Horizons

Ancient bent sabre


Russian archaeologists conducting a routine examination of an old sabre unearthed seven years ago in the city of Yaroslavl say it represents the oldest crucible steel weapon found so far in East Europe.

It was highly unexpected and exciting find” said Dr. Asya Engovatova from the RAS Institute of Archaeology, who lead the research. “We were analysing a fragment of a sabre – which had already been in the Yaroslavl State Museum for seven years – and discovered it was a unique artefact.”

Mass grave site

The sabre was unearthed by Engovatova and her colleagues in 2007, at an excavation site in the historic centre of the city of Yaroslavl, alongside the Dormition Cathedral. The site is a mass grave of the city defenders and civilians slaughtered by Batu Khan’s invaders – on a single day 1238.

The site contains comprehensive evidence of the atrocity committed that day. We found numerous skeletons of murdered women and children, many household objects like dishes, jewellery, many weapons – and this sabre,” Engovatova said….

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