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Swords, Cutting and Military History


Share Button is a blog dealing with the Art of Cutting with live (sharpened) blades.  Our scope will include the traditional Japanese art of tameshigiri, as well as similar cutting arts as practiced in various martial arts around the globe, both Eastern and Western.  We’ll also examine the history, cultures and philosophies which encourage the practice of tameshigiri or added to its development.  We will investigate edged and other weapons in general, their history, development  and   manufacturing processes, both historic and modern.  Essentially, anything which touches on, has had an influence on, or is involved with the modern practice of the Art of Cutting will be within our purview.

We’re also creating a Training and  Services Database of tameshigiri-related organizations, dojos/schools, plus businesses which provide tameshigiri equipment, weapons, or related services.

Finally, we’ve also begun a database of Virtual Resources, which will include links to websites, discussion forums, audio podcasts, video collections, academic articles and many other related online resources.

Elements of the site will include:

  • Research articles on Tameshigiri; its history, culture and purposes
  • Articles on sword / blade manufacturers, organizations which use archaic weapons in a practical sense, and their activities
  • An exploration of related weapons and armed / unarmed arts, both Eastern and modern Western.
  • Researched academic information on swords and related weapons, skills and cultures, including information for writers, historians, researchers, game designers and others.
  • Web links to Tameshigiri-related web sites, videos, organizations and businesses
  • Much, much more!

If you have any questions on this upcoming project, please contact me at: [email protected]